Water is life and as property owners and farmers ourselves, we understand the importance of thoughtful water management. Using ponds, tanks, swales and rain gardens, we can take advantage of storm water run off by capturing and storing it in the landscape. This way of management benefits planting systems as well as the broader watershed while saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of municipal water consumption. GCP has been recognized by the City of Tulsa's Partners For A Clean Environment (PACE) for helping clients become better environmental stewards through water wise practices.


Tank Catchment

GCP can help you size up your catchment needs as well as preform a professional install for your complete tank catchment system. GCP can also help you size up your pump configuration for on demand water distribution. Our average tank size installed is 2500 gallons. 

Swales and Ponds

In addition to tank collection systems, GCP designs swale and pond systems to passively harvest, redirect and distribute storm water runoff. These systems provide large storage potential. The added benefits include mitigating erosion and passively watering tree systems and pastures.  GCP is specialized in constructing swale systems using earth moving equipment. GCP also works with trusted dozer operators to implement ponds and dams.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are a great way urban and suburban property owners can lower their water consumption while also lessening their impact on our local watersheds. Rain gardens can be planted with an array of perennial flowering plants to promote beauty and pollinator habitat. 

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