Ground Stewards, our sister company, offers full spectrum soil testing, amending, and consulting for gardens, farms, and landscapes. Healthy plants come from healthy soil, and soil is so much more than N-P-K. Ground Stewards can help you demystify the soil building process and give you the needed amendments and management plans to move towards soil health. We use 100% OMRI certified minerals and amendments to correct soil imbalances, so you can rest assured that your pets, loved ones, and watershed will not be harmed. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

What We Offer

Soil Testing and Analysis: $75.00

Sample Collection, Lab Analysis, Report, and Recommendations using OMRI certified amendments

Custom Mixed Amendments: $Based on Test Results

We will custom mix soil amendments per your test results and coverage area. In addition, we offer application services.

Soil Management Plans: $75-150

We offer in depth, easy to use, report that serves as a customized guide for managing your soil. Garden Reports outline scheduled best practices for mulching, cover cropping, fertilizing, and soil preparation. Lawn Reports outline scheduled best practices for mowing, watering, bagging, seeding, aeration, and fertilizing.


Bulk Amendments

Bulk organically approved amendments and minerals can be hard to locate in this part of the country. Ground Stewards has ongoing relationships with wholesale suppliers which allows us to provide growers in our area with the amendments they need at a good price. The caveat of ordering amendments yourself online is that the shipping price on a single 50 lb. bag of amendments can exceed the cost of the product itself. Ground Stewards orders in bulk so we can keep the embedded shipping cost low. 

Amendments We Carry

Bone Meal

Blood Meal

Feather Meal

Corn Gluten

Name *


SulPoMag (KMag)

Rock Dust (Phosphorus)

Sulfate of Potash

Ag Lime

Ag Sulphur


Green Sand

Epsom Salts

Sea Salt

Micronutrient Sulfates

Fertibor (Boron)

Don't see what you are looking for? Let us know and we can get you pricing on a special order.