2019 Farmer Market Immersion Course

About the Course

GreenCore Network and Green Country Permaculture are offering a farm training program for students interested in organically based market farming and gardening. This program is geared toward beginning farmers and organic growers with little to moderate previous experience. This program is designed to give participants a basic understanding of what goes into growing cash crops for local markets.

This engaging 9 week course will explore the fundamentals of small- scale market farming from crop planning to food safety. Our curriculum is based on the most cutting edge practices in organic regenerative agriculture. We will cover these topics (see syllabus below) through assigned readings, classroom time, and field days. Our group will meet twice monthly for 4 hour sessions from March through the first week of July 2019. The cost for the course is $350. Full and partial scholarships are available.

The goal of this course is to immerse individuals in the operational realities of farming for income. This course is a per-requisite for more extensive training opportunities as well access to further resources through the Green Core farmer incubator program; this would include access to land, equipment, and markets. Limited spots and scholarships are available.Deadline for application is February 15th, 2019. Click now to apply!

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Farmer Incubator Program

Oklahoma’s Next Generation of Farmers

Farmers are aging out and not enough new farmers are taking their place. At the same time, organic food is one of the fastest growing sectors of the U.S. economy and restaurant's as well as consumer's preferences are shifting towards "local".

This seems like a ripe opportunity for new and beginning farmers to seize the market, however the barriers for entry into farming can be steep. Access to land, equipment, knowledge, and markets all stand as hurdles for new and beginning farmers.

Green Country Permaculture and GreenCore are teaming up to provide access to training in order to bridge the knowledge gap for internship farmers. GCP and GreenCore will also be able to offer access to land, shared equipment, and markets for graduates of our program.

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